A story of friends, protectors, & community in Bratislava #austria-czech

Dave Baron

Hello Friends,
The secret to happiness is helping others. This has been confirmed for me as I researched and learned about my grandfather and his history in Slovakia.  His history is filled with inspiring stories, which I am hoping to continue to share in an effort to help preserve Jewish heritage sites in Europe. 
Please check out & support https://kravmagafounders.com, which unmasks the story of friends, protectors, & community in Bratislava, shares information about Imi Lichtenfeld (pioneer of Krav Maga) & friends who fought to protect the Jewish community in Bratislava.
Your support of this project will go directly towards preservation of Jewish sites in Europe.  Please consider purchasing a shirt to support the community. 
Thank you for the support, dakujem za podporu & like us at https://www.facebook.com/TheKravMagaFounders/ for project updates.
David Baron
Baltimore, Maryland

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