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If you added the name of the deceased and the name of the son who disinterred him along with the son's place of residence in 1963 it might strike a chord with someone. 

David Rosen
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On 8/7/2021 7:44 PM, rosibal wrote:

My relative died in Miami in 1962 while vacationing; his son disinterred him in 1963 to transfer him elsewhere (this was confirmed by Mount Nebo Miami cemetery staff)- nobody knows to where. The funeral home, per his death certificate, was Gordon Funeral Home and they've been defunct for some decades. I was in touch with a sales person for the Mt Nebo - Kendall cemetery there there but they did not inherit any records from the old place. Would someone know where the records are? I read a similar post here the other day about a different defunct funeral home that stated that the records went to the Jewish Society of that state or county. Would it be the same for Florida? Can anyone direct me please?

There is only one grand daughter alive but she does not know where he is buried. His brother is buried in the Zhashkower Society in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Queens but he himself is not there.

I already checked Find a grave, Billiongraves, asked at his son's cemetery in Roxbury, Massachusetts and around Spring Valley, NY, where my relative lived. I also sent an email to Division of Funeral, Cemetery,and Consumer Services in Florida but they don't keep such old records.

Thank you in advance,

Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto
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