Re: Deutsch family tree on Geni going back to the 14th century #hungary

George Deutsch

Hi Benjamin

A friend of mine sent me a copy of your post so I have joined Jewish Gen just so I can respond to you.

I am George Deutsch and I think you are referring to my family tree. I am somewhat distantly connected to Ann-Hentsche-Auerbach through my mother's side of the family tree which goes back through Langbein and Spira families.

I am confused by what you say about the family tree going back to 1490. I had no idea that it goes back that far. I have only seen entries back to the 1700s. I would be most grateful if you could tell me how I could see entries going back before the mid 1700s.

I got involved in this when I stumbled across the entry about my grandmother, Paula Langbein, in this family tree about 5 years ago from memory. At that time, I had never done any genealogy and had no knowledge about how Geni works. I think I just copied that family tree and created the Deutsch family tree. I have added some information documented in papers left by my mother about both the Deutsch and Langbein sides of my family. That seems to have connected the Deutsch family tree through my wife's relatives. I found the data that was in the tree before I got to it quite accurate. I did make a few changes and did briefly connect with the people who created it.

I am still an utter novice in this field.

I looking forward to hearing from you


George Deutsch, Melbourne, Australia

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