Re: Deutsch family tree on Geni going back to the 14th century #hungary

Dan Rottenberg

I've had similar correspondence with the prolific Balasz Deri of Budapest. While searching for the parents of a relative of mine named Rebecca Spielberger Deutsch (born Zsarno/Zarnov 1846, married Leopold Deutsch, died Miskolc1890), I found Deri's extensive Deutsch tree on, in which he identified Rebecca as one of 7 children of an Izak and Esther Spielberger. When I queried him about his sources in January 2020, I got this reply: 
Dear Daniel,

I have no direct source about her parents either, as records of Zarnov nowhere seem to be available . 

I have collected all data about Spielbergers some months ago, from Jewishgen, and - as far as I can remember now - I made the conclusion, based on some interesting ones about witnessing, that Isaak in Zarnov may be the same person as Isaak, whose children were born in Korlát and Novajidrány . 

But this may not yet be fully proved, as even distant cousins may witness marriages. More patience and research is needed to confirm this yet .

Balázs Déri


That said, my own research since then provides some support for Deri's speculations, but they remain clearly speculations.We agreed to stay in touch. I'm grateful for Deri's interest (and his willingness to communicate in English), but also take his conclusions with a grain of salt, and I would suggest others do the same.
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA


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