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Miriam Weiner

From Routes to Roots Foundation website at


Here are the following search results for the town of Gomel

births:              1853-1855;1857-1860;1869;1862-1863;1882;1884-1886;


census:            1879-1881;1916-1917

death:               1854;1856;1860-1861;1885;1896;1898-1900;1902-1903;1905-1918

divorce:            1853;1855;1858;1892;1898-1900;1902-1903;1910-1912;1915-1917

Holocaust:        1941 Gomel Oblast Archives

Holocaust:        1941 Minsk Oblast Archives

Holocaust:        1941 State Archives of the Russian Federation in Moscow

Jewish school records:  1923-1924

Court Records:                1926-1934

Jewish Comm. records:  1853-1876

Local government records:  1940-1941

Marriages:        1853;1856-1858;1860;1876;1888-1897;1899-1908; 1910-1918

tax lists            1930-1934;1940-1941 (REGISTRATION CARDS OF TAXPAYERS);

                        1940-1941 (HOUSE OWNERSHIP OF TAX CARDS)


PLUS a "begins with" search of Gomel produces various records for Gomel district including:

                        Holocaust, census, list of Jewish workers


PLUS THERE IS A 6-PART STREET MAP OF Gomel in the Map section on the website that includes a street name index.

Miriam Weiner, President
Routes to Roots Foundation
Secaucus, NJ
MODERATOR NOTE: Thank you Miriam

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