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Avi Markovitz

Hi Theo,
Thank you very much for the quick reply and especially for correcting the historical facts surrounding the events that I distorted a bit.
My grandmother never spoke about the war period, every time the issue came up, she dismissed it with statements like "... really a dark period! But now everything is good and that's what matters ..."
Unfortunately I could not find any documentation or records related to my family from my mother's side, so in a rather desperate attempt, I thought that maybe through the license plate and registration of the vehicle I might dig up some details. (BTW I also have another picture with a license plate of the family motorcycle. Black numbers on a white colored background plate, which probably means that the motorcycle was registered sometime before 1930).
I do speak Hungarian, Hebrew, English, a little French and Italian, but unfortunately almost not a word in Romanian, even though I was born in Timisoara and lived there until the age of 5 ...
Thank you for the suggestion and I would love to read the book your father wrote.

My best regards
Avi Markovits
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