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Geoffrey Sea

I'm new at this and facing the question of what software to use to build my family tree. I only have a tree on and want something more powerful that does not reside online.  From reading reviews, it appears that Gramps and Legacy 9 are the favored options. Is one of these better for European Jewish genealogy or am I missing another option? My ancestry is entirely Ashkenazi with pre-US residency limited mostly to Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, and Russia, with older residence in Germany and Ottoman Empire. I have substantial rabbinical ancestry, some of it confirmed and some very dubious. What is the best trustworthy source for rabbinical lineages?  Otherwise, I am looking for the following features:  I am more interested in deep ancestry going as far back as possible rather than accumulating lists of cousins.

1. Ability to query a large number of databases including especially from the countries mentioned.
2. Ability to test and rate the accuracy of proposed links.
3. Ability to handle the exotic names and incestuous relations often associated with old rabbinical families.
4. Integration with DNA results (I did DNA testing with FamilyTreeDNA)
5. Professional quality so as to withstand scholarly analysis.
6. Windows platform -- I don't need anything mobile.

Family TreeDNA has its own tree builder but I don't know how capable it is.

I am especially interested in tracking deep ancestry in Hungary and adjacent areas now in Ukraine and Slovakia. This may be a separate question, but what is the best access to old records from those countries for someone who does not speak Hungarian or Yiddish (I can read Russian but not old Russian handwriting)? For example I know there are old Hungarian census reports but I have no idea how to access them.


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