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I am in receipt of your message on H-SIG regarding Olka, Slovakia. Our
firm is actively developing tours for small groups and/or individuals to
areas otherwise difficult to access without a guide, car and an
interpreter. These are known as ROOTS TOURS, and currently Louis
Schonfeld is leading two groups through parts of the Ukraine and
Slovakia. You can access our web site (see below) or contact us at our
e-mail address: mailto:familyt@hungary.net

For your information, Olka did not have its own, independent Jewish
registration. Instead, the registration was done in Stropkov.
Registers are available >from 1851.

If you have any questions about ROOTS TOURS or genealogical research in
Central Europe, please contact us!

George Eotvos
Managing Director
Family Tree Ltd. - Budapest, http://www.familytree.hu

Subject: Olka, Slovakia
From: melody gross <melody@gimby.save-net.co.il>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 06:35:01 +0200
X-Message-Number: 1

I have determined >from LDS records that indeed members of my family are
buried at the cemetery in Kriva Olka, almost 100 years ago. (Olka, to
uninformed, is triway between Medzilaborce, Stropkov, and Humenne)

However, I just received a note >from the secretary of Olka that there is
Jewish cemetery, nor has there ever been one.

I will be in Olka shortly (!). How do I proceed in locating where the
cemetery was? Does anyone have this kind of experience? Hmmm...Kriva
is a suburb of Olka, and perhaps the secretery just doesn't know, or is
familiar, or -


George Eotvos


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