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Theo Rafael

While this is not directly answering some of your questions, I found that it is very important to be able to sync trees in order to INCLUDE PHOTOS and documents in the tranfer process between sites and minimize work.
I initially used Gramps as a standalone software and was pretty happy with it but unfortunately it doesn't sync with online trees and therefore it becomes very tedious once one finds multiple online photos/ documents.

I first did online work on Ancestry which helped me find extensive documentation and photos. Soon I realized that only RootsMagic and FTM can sync and download Ancestry trees AND include photos, something that regular GEDCOM file exports cannot do. In order to transfer the tree to MH, I first synched Ancestry with Rootsmagic and exported it from RM. Subsequently I imported it in Family Tree Builder which then uploaded it to MH. Although not perfect (I still need to manually tag people's faces in photos), it transferred photos from Ancestry to MH.

The ultimate family tree is however Geni and that will be yet another hurdle to pass... Problem with Geni is that existing persons have to be merged manually which is very tedious and I'd prefer to do that only once :) That's why I'll leave Geni for last, for after I'm done with the other two sites.  Also I am not sure photos can be transferred automatically to Geni, I'll have to read again about their copying utility. 

And there's also Familysearch to deal with, whose main advantage is again that it's a public tree open to all, somewhat like Geni.

Bottom line is that it can be challenging to upload and maintain the same tree on all major sites but in my case each site provided new genealogical information and additional tree branches that were unavailable on the others sites hence I'll try to eventually unify all the available info on all sites.

Also, regarding your #1 and #2 features, I'm not aware of any genealogy programs or websites capable of doing that; at most some can query the four main genealogical sites I mentioned above (RM for instance).

Theo Rafael

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