I wish to hire a DNA analyst to interpret the results of a Big Y-700 FTDNA Sample #dna

Jay Willoughby

Dear Friends at JewishGen:

I am a goy, a Judaphile and a family historian.  My J-G member ID is 443058.

I would like to hire a Y-DNA specialist to analyze the results of a Big
Y-700 FTDNA Sample and produce a detailed report, in narrative form.  In
the following, I offer details of the Jewish subject which might lead to
an analyst already familiar with the surname and/or city of birth.

My son-in-law's father, Dr Benjamin Franklin, was the Y-DNA sampler,
born in Atlanta, GA in 1919.  The paternal grandfather was an Ashkenazi
Jewish immigrant born c1880 in the Pinsk, Russia area. G-father arrived
at Ellis Island c1906.  He immediately took the name of Louis Franklin
without legal process and his original Jewish name is uncertain.  The
surname Frankel has surfaced as a possibility.

 I am certain that the right person will be found through JewishGen. I
look forward to your reply.  Please correspond through my gmail
address.  Thank You!

Jay Willoughby
                                        jayawiloby@... Tel. (314)

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