Re: When & where cameo brooch was made #general


I have one very similar. I was told it was most likely made between 1920 and 1930.  The hair style is the key--marcelled waves and a short bob--very Roaring 20s.  the fur boa around her neck also is from that era.
Judi Rothstein Zimmer
Shupler (or Schupler) - Buczacz, Galicia (now Ukraine)
Baer - Buczacz, Galicia
Schneider - Buczacz, Galicia
Abromowitz (or Abramowitz) - Radomysl nad Sanem, Galicia (now Poland)
Isenberg (or Eisenberg) - poss. Radomysl nad Sanem
Bett - Nisko, Galicia (now Poland)
Goldstein - poss. Nisko
Rothstein - Smela, Russia (now Ukraine)
Kosminsky - Cherkassy, Russia
Auerbach - Mikulince, Galicia (now Ukraine)

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