Re: I wish to hire a DNA analyst to interpret the results of a Big Y-700 FTDNA Sample #dna

Jeffrey Herrmann

It is sad that FTDNA does not explain their Big Y-700 in plain language, forcing customers to hire experts to interpret the results.  FTDNA’s “Big Y-700 White Paper” offers these gems of technospeak to its customers:
”Very few nucleotides are spanned by 200 fragments, and so the fraction of the target covered at that depth is low as well.”
”Fragments that added depth to already confidently called regions in Big Y span new regions of chrY in Big Y-700.”
”The total number of SNPs called in a bin is shown by the dotted black trace which uses the log scale on the right-hand axis.”
”We used BY101* sample … as an outgroup to eliminate all variants at the Bay101 level and above.”
Does anyone find this helpful in making sense of their Big Y-700 results?
Is there a plain language guide to understanding Big Y-700 test results without the aid of the priestly class of paid experts?
Jeffrey Herrmann
New Rochelle, NY
researching Herschel of Hamburg 

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