Re: Genealogy Software #general

michele shari

Hi Geoffrey,
I use all Apple computers and I bought the RootsMagic program. It froze and gave me repeated problems. Customer service was useless. I then bought MacFamily Tree and have not had any issues. I can enter DNA results, add categories and it does integrate with FamilySearch and tells you if it found records and gives you the option of reviewing and adding them.
Their customer service is good and price was not expensive and they have add ons like a mobile version so others can use it simultaneously (I don't need that as I am the only one using my tree).
It is quite a robust program that I was able to use without reading the downloadable instruction book but I did use it for reference a few times. I hate reading instructions so I learn as I go and have been fine. Only glitch I found was entering a Religious name (hebrew first name) it just doesn't take it under that category so I just enter it under "additional names/name variation". 
Overall I am very happy with it and their upgrade from v8 to v9 was good and inexpensive. They do have a free trial version.
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY like so many others)
Researching: Farkas, Weiszhauz, Weisshauz (Vamospercs, Tasnad, Carei and other areas in Transylvania); Stauber, Stober, Stouber, Stambor, Malek, Davidovici, Davidovitz, Herstik, Hershtik, Hershtig, Teszler, Tesler (Viseu and surrounding towns, Teresva, Ukraine, Szurdok, Botiza, Dragomiresti).

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