Re: I wish to hire a DNA analyst to interpret the results of a Big Y-700 FTDNA Sample #dna


You can get advice about interpreting a Y DNA kit from the Avotaynu DNA Project team.

In order to do this, Log into the Y DNA kit
Hover the curson on GROUP PROJECTS in the top menu bar
A menu dropdown box should appear, click on JOIN A PROJECT
Type AVOTAYNU in the Search by Surname block
Join the project

If you go to the website for the project at:
Avotaynu DNA Project (
you will see that there is an email address to contact with questions about your match.

As you have indicated that you have a Big Y 700 test, they should be glad to point you in the right direction!  Adam Brown has given a number of lectures about results from their work that are fascinating.  You can see some of them by searching YouTube for "Adam Brown DNA".

Best Regards,
Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA USA

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