Re: I wish to hire a DNA analyst to interpret the results of a Big Y-700 FTDNA Sample #dna

Mary D. Taffet

It * IS * possible to limit the number of Y-DNA markers that you look
for matches on, even if 700 were tested.  You can limit it to 35
markers, 67 markers, or 111 markers, and have a much better chance of
finding surname matches.

And yes, it is a good idea to also use the Family Finder test as well,
along with the Y-DNA test.

-- Mary D. Taffet
    Syracuse, NY

On 8/13/21 11:54 AM, Raina Accardi wrote:
The Big-Y is for granular assignment of your particular Y mutations
place in the Y-tree. It can tell you general migrations and locations
of the populations who had those same mutations or derivations of
same. If you are trying to identify the subject's original surname,
the Big Y test may not help. Ashkenazi only took surnames in the last
200 years or so. The Y-DNA tests, including the Big Y, look back at
DNA from 2000 years ago and more... Finding a match in a more recent
time frame is a huge long shot since the database of samples is pretty
small. You should use the at-DNA (Family Finder) test which will give
you matches who may be able to shed light on related surnames and
locations within a genealogical time frame of about 6 generations.

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