Re: Use of Family Search for one's family tree #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Anybody can change anything on the profiles that FamilySearch has on their web site. Some people enter things in Spanish or another language, and I have to keep my fingers off the keyboard, as I want them in English, but they have as much right as I do to have things in whatever language. People also get things mixed up, and if I know that somebody is wrong about a person's birth or whatever, I will fix it. But births for immigrants can be different on different documents, so I would only fix an approximate date with a Social Security of JRI-PP (even better) birth date if I have it. FamilySearch does not take 'circa' or 'about' dates.

Everybody doing research needs to have records at home, on their own devices, where they can keep things safe (and backed up). A genealogy program can keep a lot of information that the web apps don't keep, and also the research notes along with them. I make 'Events' for documents I find, so I know what a document says and where I found it; I could identify a document's source in a Source, but the events are very handy and versatile. 

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

"Family search is a collaborative tree meaning anyone can see anything except living people.  AND it also means that anyone can add, change, attach and delete any document person or relationship"

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