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Anyone can search in UK National Archive for people who were in the Uk 29 September 1939,  This was when a registration of everybody was taken to provide Identity Cards and Ration Books, after the introduction of our National Health Service these registers were used until 1991 for everybody and kept updated locally, but for 1939 they included nearly everyone.  Many Search Engines have this information of people who would be known from their birth date to be over 100 years of age.  There are useful search notes on the National Archive web pages. which would have thought were easily found wherever you are on this planet.

David Harrison
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Searching Netherlands (mainly Friesland), Van Rijn, Schaap. Drielsma, Stephany, de Joung
Poland (mainly East) Herszkowicz, Wreschinska

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Subject: [] KT teenagers placed North in Thirlby England 1939-40 #unitedkingdom
Does anyone have any information on the following on the Journey of a Kinder (our late father)
We have done my own research but unable to find any details

After general KT arrival in Harwich ( in our case Jan. 1939), our father , Kurt Ehrmann (11.7.1922) age 16,  was
relocated from Dovercourt (holding area during harsh winter) to Thirlby/Grange in North York (approx. 8 hours north)?
We believe he was moved to a farm owned and operated by a "Mrs. Hebden" (this is an artifact I was able to recover-see attached) which we believe is in the Spring of 1939.  
I would be grateful if anyone knows of this area or any other details pertaining to these events.
Thank you in advance.

Paul and David Ehrmann

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