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Arline and Sidney Sachs

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Subject: 'stolen' family trees
From: "Arline and Sidney Sachs" <sachs@...>
Date: Sat, August 14, 2021 11:37 am
To: "main@..." <main@...>

I just checked the family tree section and saw that several people had
information from my family tree. There is a code number there, but I don't
know how to contact these people. No one but my sister and I called my
grandmother Oma (which means grandmother) yet all these people had her
name and Oma, so I know the material came from meĀ  I have no idea how
these people are linked to me or why they have my data on their tree.
Since I know all my 8 second cousins - no first cousins, they must be
related further back - before 1800.

Arline Sachs
Springfield, VA 22150
research in Germany

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