Details re family of Rabbi David ben Moshe (of Kletzk)-Novarodok 19th cent. #rabbinic

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am researching possible family connection with a Rabbi David ben
Moshe of Kletzk who served as the Rabbi of Novarodok during the 19th
cent. He was also known as per book "galya Mesechta". In list of
rabbis of the above town/city his family name is not mentioned unlike
the rabbis before and after him.

Many years ago I was in touch with an AGOLNICK family who stemmed from
him. Also his son, Moshe, married a woman from Minsk, HOROWITZ and he
adopted that family name, though not a Levi.

Someone suggested the family name of the above Rabbi was TZCHEMERINSKY
(as the name of Vera WEITZMAN, the wife of Israeli president Chaim
WEITZMAN), but other TZCHEMERINSKYS I've contacted do not know of a
connection to Rabbi David. Also , Rabbi David came from Kletzk and
not a born Novarodoker.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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