Re: family trees - who copied my information #general

Jeffrey Herrmann

There is so much garbage that has been deposited into family trees on the digital dump yards on the Internet that are called genealogical sites that I have almost entirely stopped responding to their “discoveries,” “matches,”  “hints” etc.  This includes, in my opinion, Geni, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Family Search and others.  Before diving into their many rabbit holes and wasting hours of my leisure time, I ask myself:  How many hundreds of dollars per hour would I demand if another person asked me to explore these dump sites to aid their genealogical research.  Usually, contemplating that question dissuades me from diving in.  

it is infuriating that people thoughtlessly contribute to the exponential growth of misinformation in the world.  Even worse is that when you contact them to point out their errors, they almost never take corrective actions.

Jeffrey Herrmann
New Rochelle, NY

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