Translation help needed #translation

Yehoshua Sivan

Attached is a detail from my wife's grandfather's death & burial record in the Vienna Jewish Community's files.  It is the second one down here:
I can read his name, Hirsh Zeisel, but would like the next two words translated from the gothic script.  I thought the word in brackets might be Flüchtling (refugee), but it doesn't seem to fit.  I can see that the continuation says that he was born in Rozwadow Gal[icia].  What does the rest say ?  Maybe last domiciled in Nisko Gal[icia].
To the right it gives his age when he died (29); the next box gives details of where he died: can someone decipher this as well, please.
With thanks in advance,
Yehoshua Sivan

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