Re: family trees - who copied my information #general

Eva Lawrence

I've been thinking about tree copying from another angle.. If someone copies items from your tree to their own, it's not like stealing your stamp collection. On a collaborative - and free - website like Geni,  you are a member of a research team, and the aim is to produce a valid end product without erroneous information.  It's what you accept as a condition of posting..  If errors annoy you, you have to take time and trouble to put them right.
I'm posting on there as a way of passing on what I've found out, but I  place more importance  on the tree I keep on my own computer,  which I keep up to date, and on which every leaf has a personal meaning for me, and represents someone related to me. For this   I make a point of using software which can stand independently on my laptop. on a subscription website.
I have ideas about these lives and characters in many cases, and there is a person index where I can find them if I come across a name on the  web   that looks familiar. If  another web user takes a tranche of my online tree and adds it to their own,  it does mean that in some way we are related.  So it would simply be good manners to introduce themselves, and perhaps pass a little about their own family.   
The function of the names  and  dates on my tree is simply to provide a framework which keeps the stories and traditions in place.   
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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