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David Lewin

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Does anyone have any information on the following on the Journey of a Kinder (our late father)
We have done my own research but unable to find any details

After general KT arrival in Harwich ( in our case Jan. 1939), our father , Kurt Ehrmann (11.7.1922) age 16,  was
relocated from Dovercourt (holding area during harsh winter) to Thirlby/Grange in North York (approx. 8 hours north)?
We believe he was moved to a farm owned and operated by a "Mrs. Hebden" (this is an artifact I was able to recover-see attached) which we believe is in the Spring of 1939. 
I would be grateful if anyone knows of this area or any other details pertaining to these events.
Thank you in advance.

Paul and David Ehrmann


I am probably late with this response having been away for a few days.  Equally I am not certain that my data is up-to-date - but here it is anyway in the hope that it may helo:

Die Aktion Kinder des Holocaust ist ein internationaler Zusammenschluss von Nachkommen
Ueberlebender der nationalsozialistischen Judenverfolgung und des antifaschistischen Widerstandes,
sowie deren Freunde und Angehörige.
Found by: infoseek, Yahoo!

Mike Levy  Kindertransport research BB Lecture 7.2021  mike.levy82@...,

Eva Engel  14, Northland Road, Double Bay Sydney NSW 2028     (phone - 02 9327 2869     phone and fax - 02 9363 1310)  Kindertransport background 

Tammee Fensch  assistant to Chuck Gelman GELMAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION [ Nicholas Winton Kindertransport]  tammee@...,

Margarete & Kurt Goldberger, President,  Kindertransport Association, NY Bnai Brith   info@..., kt2@...,

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Rutti Goldenberger 0207 691 1775   (Kindertransport) rg@...,    

Ruth Newmark (née Broessler) Kindertransport, writes memoirs rnewmark@...,

Iris Posner Co-Director American Kindertransport Project One Thousand Children, Inc. (OTC) (One Thousand Children, Inc.)   iposner@...,

Irene Schmied editor of Journal with SEARCH COLUMN of Kinder-Link, the newsletter of the Kindertransport Association. kinderlink2005@...,

Ruth & Mordechai Theo  Vered  Lilinblum 16   Holon, 58350  Israel    Phone:   +972 3 505 2474  Kindertransport Rutheov@...,

Barbara Winton  (daughter of Nicholas, Czech Kindertransport  Barbara@...,

Kindertransport(Jewfilm) jewfilm@...,


Best of luck! and Shana Tova

David Lewin

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