Herman Weisz/Rose Druyahn wed New York 1893, arrival from Hungary1889? #hungary


I am trying to find information about Herman to work out where he was born and who his mother was - starting maybe with his marriage record. His first child Celia (I think this was his mother's name too) was born in New York in 1895 and his census record from 1900 suggests he married in 1893. I'm hoping his marriage record will say where in Hungary he was born. His father was Josef Weisz who was born in Nemesbikk and then lived in Harsany/Aranyos with his 2nd wife, with whom he had a futher 13 children. I think he had 6 children with his first wife Celia/Klara including Bertha who I am apparently related to and I'm trying to work out how! So I need to find out info about Herman's mother Celia to work out if this is the line my DNA connects me to. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Very many thanks.
Emma Cole

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