Re: Looking to trace family in Meppel #records


Looks like mistakes copied and copied again by others.
Some trees give his date of death 11 sept 1834(!) in Meppel.  They name his wife as Sophia Nathan Cohen Bessie, 1816-1863. Born and died in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
I found her marriage 1852 in Amsterdam to Salomon Levi van Geens, a shopkeeper born in Meppel. His family had moved to Amsterdam in 1850. Both had not married before. This Salomon married again in Amsterdam in 1866, he was a widower then. The name Morgenstern could have been the name he was known as within the jewish community, it's definitely not in the civil records..
Israel Morgenstern, according to these trees their son, no place of birth, was born in 1826 (when his mother was 10 years old ...). His parents from Amsterdam and Meppel but he died in the Ukraine. Not impossible, but unusual: migration from western to eastern Europe.

Loes Buisman, Amsterdam

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