Re: Looking for the origins of my family #general


My great-grandfather, Solomon Slootsky, came to New Haven from Ukraine in, I believe, 1882. He was naturalized as Samuel Slade. He is buried in the B’nai Jacob cemetery with his American name on one side of the stone and his Hebrew name on the other. He had 3 sons and a daughter by, I believe, 2 wives. The boys were Benjamin (1873-1951); Maxwell (1874-1949); and David, my grandfather (1875-1939). The daughter was Olive, unsure of dates, born in the 1880s. David had one son, my father Samuel (1913-1973). Olive had twin daughters, Olive and Helen. I want to find out more about my great grandfather! I know he became a grocer in New Haven, and I read in Ben’s Yale yearbook page that he had been a provisioner for the Russian Army. I’m guessing he was a founding member of B’nai Jacob but I have more digging to do….

Richard Slade

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