Re: Seeking help in interpreting a Viennese death record from 1941 #records

Evelyn and Christopher Wilcock

I do not know the situation in Austria, but in Germany all Jews were eventually obliged to register with the  Jewish Community, including Jewish women who were married to non Jewish Germans.  For the history in detail there is the excellent book by Beate Meyer, "A Fatal Balancing Act, The Dilemma of the Reich Association of Jews in Germany".
Nazi Officials and the Gestapo did indeed try to keep up to date records of all Jews. The  Jewish census of 16 May 1939 was the basis of this. In my own family the only  unrecorded Jew was one who had never been a member of any synagogue nor any Jewish organisation and left Germany before 1939.

A further example of Jews who avoided registration is the autobiographical novel  by Ralph Giordano, Ralph, Die Bertinis. This was not translated into English but was the basis for a German TV series which may possibly be on line and have English sub titles.

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