Samuel Markusz SMULYOVICS/SMILOVIC of Patskan'ovo #subcarpathia

Jacob Heisler

Hi everyone,

my uncle's grandfather was Samuel Markusz SMULYOVICS/SMILOVIC
(1887-1945). He was born and raised in what was then known as Patkos,
Bereg County, Hungary (today Patskan'ovo, Ukraine), although after
World War One he moved to the nearby city of Munk√°cs (today Mukacheve,
Ukraine). My uncle heard two pieces of family lore about Samuel he'd
love some firm documentation on, and I was hoping someone on here
could help me find something on them. The lore in question is:

1. Samuel served in the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War One.
This fact repeatedly came up in my uncle's father's memoir, but it
never said anything about what he actually did during the War or where
he served. Does anyone know if there are any surviving military
records that could shed light on Samuel's military service, and if so
how I can access them?

2. Before and during WW1, Samuel was mayor of his native town of
Patkos. It was a fairly small place at the time, with about 1276
people and 129 Jews in 1910. Allegedly, Samuel's wife Hani SCHVARCZ
also served as mayor in Samuel's absence during the War (although I
suspect it was unofficially). Is there any way to find documents that
could not only confirm he was the mayor, but learn something about his
time as mayor?

Thank you in advance for any help people here can provide.

Jacob Heisler
Norwalk, CT

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