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Stanley Diamond

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Subject: Update on Galician records available from JRI-Poland #Poland #Galicia #records

Although JRI-Poland is an independent non-profit organization with its own administration, volunteers 
and fundraising, JRI-Poland data is also searchable on JewishGen. This option helps new researchers 
discover sources of records for their families.  

Long-time researchers are aware that there are many more freely available options for searching on the
JRI-Poland website at

As for the search for records for "Wiznitz" - since there are at least two towns in Poland and two in Ukraine 
with soundalike names, where possible the current country should me mentioned in inquiries but if that is 
not known, the name of other towns associated with the family can be helpful in determining the right one.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

Re: Find records of Wiznitz town #ukraine #records #austria-czech #romania
From: Ed Vogel
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 21:23:13 EDT

I have tried searching jri-poland directly, and only found the same records I found with jewishgen.  
Are there records that have not yet been made available online?  Do I have any other options?


Ed Vogel 

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