Litvak SIG Discussion Group #lithuania

Susan Goldsmith

To clarify my question about the existence of the Litvak SIG discussion group, I have not been receiving any postings to the Discussion Group for several years even though I am subscribed to a Daily Digest. I have tried unsubscribing and then resubscribing, but nothing seems to remedy the situation.

It would also be helpful to know what other SIG Discussion groups are still in existence, for example, Belarus, Gesher Galicia, JRI Poland, UK, Latin America, Romania, South Africa.

Thank you,
Susan Goldsmith

Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
Researching GOLDSHMIDT, F(P)ILVINSKY, SHLIOMOVICH, GITTES (GADIE,GADYE, GIDUSH, GITES) Seta, Jonava, Kaunas, Adustiskes, Zemaiciu Naumiestes, Keidainiai, Ukmerge, Vandziogala, Lithuania
HOROWITZ, DRASNIN (DRASNE) Dauhinava, Belarus; TOBIAS (TOUBES, TOBES, TAUBES) Novyy Swerzhen and Stowbtsy, Belarus; ROZANSKY, BILINSKY, MIRANSKY Iasevichi, Belarus
DAVIS, HAFFNER Botosani, Romania
WAXMAN (WAKSMAN), KOENIGSBERG Sandomierz, Ostrowiec Poland

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