Re: Where candlesticks are from #general


I, too, was enthralled by Ann Rabinowitz's candlestick article.  I would like to know how to contact her for more information, but haven't figured out how to "find" her on JewishGen.  Any ideas; Ann, are you reading any of this?!

My cousin and I, come to find out, each inherited a pair of silver candlesticks. Our grandfathers were brothers. I was struck by how similar they are, and wondered if, perhaps, they were wedding gifts to each son/wife. The father of my cousin's and my grandfather was born in Brody, Poland (now Ukraine), as was my cousin's grandfather. My grandfather was born in, Czernowitz ( now Chernivitsi, Ukraine).  Ultimately, both families ended up in Vienna for many years, before death (for some) in the Holocaust, and life in new lands, for others.

Here are the candlesticks (we each have a pair); there are no markings I can find, either on the bottom, or elsewhere. Look familiar to anyone? They are very light weight --- hollow, but quite similar in design.

Leah Heilpern Snider
Silverdale, Washington/ USA

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