Where is Lakma, Hungary? #hungary

Dan Rottenberg

I'm trying to track the movements of my Hungarian maternal ancestors, mostly named Klein, Spielberger, and Burger. They appear to have lived in villages around Kosice (then Kassa) in the early 19th Century before migrating southward over several decades to Miskolc and from there to America in the 1870s. On an 1882 birth certificate in New York, my great-grandparents Herman and Julia Klein listed their birthplaces, respectively, as "Michallitz" and "Lakma, Ungaren" (that is, Hungary). I presume Michallitz is a misspelling of Miskolc. But where is Lakma? I've never found any town by that name in any database— not in JewishGen, Google, or even Jordan Auslander's comprehensive Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary. I presume Lakma is a misspelling of some other town name, presumably near Miskolc. But what town might it be? I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

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