Stefano Groszy <steven@...>

Dear Mr. Hirsch, I'm very grateful for all the detailed news you sent
me, that help me to clear some facts of my family, happened not a long
time ago. Last year I went to Auschwitz, where I asked informations at
the archive. They gave me a lot of labels showing the family names
requested, without any success for me: the employee told me most of
Hungarians arriving in June were not even scheduled, but just killed.
Is that so? Later I realized that I said my relatives' names before
their marriage, and might be a reason not to have found any report. I
also applied my request to Yad Vashem, with the married names, but even
there no success. How is then possible to obtain a death certificate
from M=E0ndok showing Auschwitz-June 15th 1944, if no record can be found=
in Auschwitz?
Other question: do you think possible to find out anywhere the M=E0ndok
community names of the 378 members?
It's nice to see that you live in Switzerland: at the moment and till
Aug.22 I'll stay in Crans sur Sierre (VS) for vacations. If you need
anything or just want to say hello, call me at 027/4801632.
Bye, Stefano Grosz (Grosz became Groszy when I was 8).

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