Re: Looking for a grave in Vienna #austria-czech


Wilhelm/Wolf STEINFELD fro Tisza Fuered died March 23, 1911 in Vienna aged about 70 years. Vienna Jewish death record say that he was buried March 26 at Vienna Central Cemetery,
For Vienna Jewish burials are at least two holdings available: an alphabetical and and a chronological list - I attached both.
The alpha list has him in line 4: date of death March 23, date of burial March 26, place of burial (Jewish section of the Vienna Central Cemetery) group 19 row 47 (grave) number not given, what is very uncommon, but: Ther is a column caled "Ueberführung"  - transportation with paying.
The chronological list don't has him; there are several burials that day, five in ths row.
My assumption is: he was transfered to the Jewish cemetery of Nagymarton/Mattersdorf, were his eldest son David was buried in 1870 and his wife Rosalie in 1915.

Wolf-Erich Eckstein
Researching ECKSTEIN, EKSTEIN from Prostibor, Pilsen region, ROSENBAUM and THORSCH, Goltsch Jenikau, Bohemia

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