Re: Where is Lakma, Hungary? #hungary

Judi Gyory Missel

Hi Dan,
Many years ago, I downloaded a copy of the 1828 Census listing of all the small towns in Hungary. Obviously, many, many changes happened since 1828, but I found that I can get a sense of town name origins and a place to start. Here's the list of towns for Borsod megye for just the L through M town names. As you can see there was a "Lak". It could have easily been absorbed into a nearby larger town. That was the case for some of my towns.
Lad- Bessenyo, Lad-Haza, Lak, Laszlofalva, LatorĂșt, Lovo, Malyi, Malyinka, Martonyi, Mercse, Meszes, Mezo-Keresztes, Mezo-Kovesd, Mezo-Nyarad, Mindszent, Miskolc, Mocsolyas, Mogyorsd, Monosbel, Mucsony

Judi Gyory Missel
Mesa, Arizona

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