Offering genealogy research service on a contingency basis #general

Yehuda Rubin

I am a non professional genealogist looking to expand my research base. I have researched my own family since 2016, and now feel ready to take this commercially (part time). 

Records of use to me in the past have been American documents such as naturalization records and census data (for the immigrant and older generations), as well as European vital records. 

I have a reading knowledge of German and Polish, as well as a basic knowledge of Yiddish and Hebrew, necessary to track Jewish vital records throughout the centuries.

A significant amount of my research is conducted using online resources. When the Internet is insufficient for finding records and documents, I visit libraries and archives.

I am offering research services on a flat fee contingency basis (based on the size of the tree you want), as an effort to gain a reputation and work experience. When work involves travel to libraries and archives, that will need to be remunerated regardless of result; however, work without a substantial result will be free. 

My offline experience involves using the New York Public Library and the Center for Jewish History, although I am willing to do research in other institutions in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston.

I can be reached with any questions at yehudazevrubin@.... I can give a reference, if necessary. Thank you for considering me!

Yehuda Rubin
Lakewood, NJ

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