Uncle of R' Samuel b. Aryeh Leyb Deiches, Dayan in Vilna ca. 1750 #lithuania

Adam Cherson

In the article 'Deiches' from the Jewish Encyclopedia, Louis Ginzberg writes:

"Samuel b. Aryeh Löb Deiches:

Lithuanian rabbi; died at Wilna March 23, 1825. His father was rabbi at Lida, near Wilna; his grandfather, called Elijah Arkes ("Arke" is the diminutive of "Aaron"), was a native of Cracow. On his mother's side he was a nephew of the dayyan of Wilna—"the great Simeon." Like the latter he was for many years one of the dayyanim of Wilna, and was famous for his devotion to the study of the Talmud. Many of the works printed at Wilna during his term of office bear his printed approbation. His brother David was the father of Elijah Judah Deiches; his other brother Meïr was dayyan at Kovno." (https://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/5048-deiches)

Does anyone know who 'the great Simeon', dayan of Vilna circa 1750 may have been, and whether any of his genealogy is known?

Adam Cherson

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