Re: Why were so many children labeled "illegitimate" in Birth Registration (Metrical) Books of Subcarpathia - late 1800s #hungary


Just to agree with most people.  I was surprised to find that my great-grandparents (originally from Galicia but then living in Budapest) had a synagogue wedding in Vienna in 1905.  They already had four children by that stage, all duly recorded as legitimate in the Budapest births register.  The notes to the 1905 wedding specify that 
The ritual marriage took place in Pest in the year 1880.   
If anyone has any idea why they chose Vienna, rather than Budapest, for their second wedding I would be interested.  My best guess is a romantic holiday.

As to the familianten laws.  I do not think that they applied to the Munkacs area.  

Tom Beer
Melbourne, Australia

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