Re: Uncle of R' Samuel b. Aryeh Leyb Deiches, Dayan in Vilna ca. 1750 #lithuania

Jill Whitehead

I think this is the same family as that of Rabbi Salis Daiches, Rabbi of Edinburgh in Scotland in the early 20th century. His immediate family came from Neustadt Scherwindt (its German name) in Suwalki gubernia, in the bit that went from Poland into Lithuania in 1919. Salis Daiches came from a long line of Rabbis and his own children were also distinguished, Lionel as the senior legal officer for Scotland (Lord Advocate) and David as Professor of English at Sussex University. David wrote a memoir of his Edinburgh childhood in 1956, which outlined his Lithuanian rabbinical line - called "Two worlds". You can buy this on Amazon (published by Canongate). My mother and her sisters grew up with the Daiches sons in Edinburgh, attending hebrew lessons given by Salis.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

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