David ABRAMOWITZ -a.k.a. ?? end 0f 19th cent. New Haven-Boston #usa

Yonatan Ben-Ari

According to family lore, my great grandfather's brother David left
New Haven to Boston in the latter years of the 19th cent. and started
working in a dept. store there and worked his way up to management
level. He may have changed his family name. When my grandfather, his
nephew, tried to contact him at the store in the 1930s he was "brushed
off" saying that he was elderly, and recuperating in his home in
Florida (again family lore).

We have very scant hard facts about his early life. His mother, Gittle
ABRAMOWITZ seems to have left Novarodok as a widow with 4 young
children, eventually arriving in New Haven, around 1870-1880. Why New
Haven ? Presumably being that Rabbi Isaac S. HURWITZ,of Hartford , was
a cousin of hers or her late husband. I am researching that exact
connection to Rabbi HURWITZ but yet to find it.

David's two brothers, Mayer and Kalman remained orthodox, Mayer grew
up in Jerusalem while Kalman married a Jerusalem woman but lived and
died in the USA. David's sister, Sarah lived in New York and may have
lived (or vacationed) in Coney Island, belonging there to the Jewish
"Bund". I don't know her married name and the only scant information
(again family lore) is that she had a grandson Tom,, born about
1910-14, went to college in Boston. His parents seem to have divorced.

I have contact with Mayer's and Kalman's families but not with Sarah's
or David's. If any of the above sound familiar to anyone I'd love to
hear from you.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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