Re: My lost sephardic ancestry #sephardic

Paula & David

I also have a passed-down family story about my father’s family having been in Spain before the inquisition, escaping to Izmir Turkey, and later to Poland and then Hungary. One way I have validated this story is to get a male cousin on that family line to do a Y-dna test, because these results go back @ 500 years, rather than the couple of hundred for autosomal dna. I discovered about a 10% or so of the matches had Hispanic names,( many of which were also cohanim matches,) which I have been told is very unusual for an “Ashkenazi” Jew . No one had my actual surname, I assume because my links to these matches go back before the early 1800;s.

I do not know if you have any cousins who are male descendants of that family line, or if the same would work for the mtDNA test. I also do not know if this genetic connection to Hispanic folks would be sufficient for your purposes.

Good luck, Paula Solomon
Paula Solomon

researching:   WAXMAN, FLAKSMAN, SHULMAN, from the area near Chelm/Lublin Poland
SOLOMON, WEISZ, BERGER, from the area near Munkacs Hungary/Czechoslavakia/Ukraine

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