Trying to get record of death from Vienna, 1941 #austria-czech #records


I am trying to learn the cause of death of a certain relative who died in Vienna in 1941. I have his name, the date of death, the name and number of the registry office in which his death was recorded (Währing, no. 28), and even a five-digit number that I think is the number of the death certificate. I sent a message to the Viennese registry office into which the former pertinent registry office has been absorbed to ask how I can get an image of the death certificate, and I got the answer that they cannot send me an image and that I must go the Austrian embassy to request a copy. Does anyone know of an easier way to get the information that I am seeking? Must I, or some paid agent of mine, go either to the embassy in DC or to the registry office in Vienna just to see the record of death? Looking through the Web site of the City of Vienna, I was led to a page that states in detail the information available at the pertinent registry office: the page has a link at the bottom that says "Link for document"; but the link merely returns me to the same page.
Miles Rind
Cambridge, Mass.

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