Re: PotatoNik (not kugel!) #general

Moshe Berman

Ms. Levin,

Respectfully, I’m finding myself overreacting. 

Potatonik is not a Kugel, nor a Latke, Derma, Kishka, and certainly not a Knish. As a Lower East Sider, I am compelled to insist that Potatonik is a flavor unto itself, a culinary delight unlike any other.

It consists of a very thin, brittle, dark brown crust. Its inner texture is moist, when fresh. As it ages, it dries out until it’s nearly impossible to swallow. A slice of potatonik always has holes like a sponge. The flavor is that of a potato, seasoned with black pepper. 

It’s best to have the bakery slice it, unless you want a mess of crumbs. And if you eat it too quickly, it’s easy to cough on the very same crumbs, but it’s too good not to eat it quickly, always wanting more. The aftertaste lingers with that black pepper. It’s divine.

Based on the conversation here, I’m guessing that there’s probably no oil in the batter, probably water, potatoes, pepper and maybe a small amount of eggs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sponginess was caused by yeast. 

You can still buy this unique item at Moisha’s Bakery at Grand and East Broadway, between the kosher butcher and the kosher grocery. 

Hope this clarifies things,
Moshe Berman,
Boca Raton, FL

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