Re: Trying to get record of death from Vienna, 1941 #austria-czech #records


Veronica, I have received replies privately that have led me down two roads of inquiry.

(1) One was to write to my local Austrian consulate. The consulate sent me PDFs for applying to the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs (Bundesministerium für europäische und internationale Angelegenheiten) in Vienna for a copy of the death certificate. If I have interpreted the instructions correctly, the fee is only 14.90 euros, though bank transfer fees are an additional cost. I don't know, though, whether you can get a certificate without specifying a date of death.

(2) The suggestion of an informant led me to the index of death records (Totenverzeichnisse) of the City Archive of Vienna from 1868 to 1942 at the Family Search Web site. I found the index entry for the death of my cousin there: it tells me where he died, but not the cause of death, though some entries do provide that information. However, without an exact date of death, you may have to search by eye through dozens or hundreds of images to find the record of your grandmother. Even with an exact date of death, I had to look through several pages, because the deaths are recorded somewhat haphazardly, apparently according to whenever the news reached the office.

Miles Rind
Cambridge, Mass.

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