Making the English translation of the Zychlin Yizkor book a reality #poland


This announcement is addressed to all researchers of the genealogy of the Jewish community of Zychlin in Poland.  


The JewishGen Yizkor Books project has adopted an initiative to complete the English translation of the Zychlin memorial book. With your help, we expect to make the book universally available in English within the next few months. 


The original book was published in Hebrew and Yiddish by the Zychliner Organization of Israel and America. It was printed in Tel Aviv under the title “Sefer Zychlin, Memorial Book of Zychlin”, in 1974. 


The book contains 48 chapters that were published in both Hebrew and Yiddish, and 18 chapters that were only published in either Hebrew or Yiddish. They will all be rendered into English by qualified professional translators. The total cost of the project is estimated at $4,710. 


The effort to undertake this project was initiated by the Association of Descendants of Jewish Central Poland (ADJCP), which works to memorialize the Jewish communities of 17 shtetls from the region, including Zychlin. The coordinators of the Zychlin Yizkor book translation are Lori Sandoval, David Goren and Leon Zamosc. All three of them are affiliated to JewishGen and to the ADJCP. 


The importance of this initiative cannot be stressed enough. The Zychlin Yizkor book, written by émigrés and Shoah survivors, is a unique source of information on the town's vanished Jewish community. It contains narratives about the Jewish history of the town, details on the community's everyday social and cultural life, descriptions of political figures and movements, and testimonies on the oppression and destruction of the Jewish community during the German occupation. The names mentioned in the book and its memorial pages have crucial genealogical and historical value because many local personalities and individual Shoah victims are not documented elsewhere. The translation of the Zychlin memorial book into English will make available all this information to interested researchers and scholars all over the world. 


We are appealing to you to help make the English translation of the Zychlin Yizkor book a reality.  

Please contribute to the JewishGen fund for the translation of the Zychlin memorial book. JewishGen is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: donations are tax deductible. 


Your donation, at any level, will be vital. To contribute online, please visit the JewishGen-erosity Yizkor Books donations webpage and find the Zychlin fund in the list of ongoing Yizkor book translations: 


Donations will be welcome at any level. Donors at the level of $250 and above will receive a complimentary hardback copy of the translated Memorial Book of Zychlin. While the material will be available on the JewishGen website, we are sure that donors will treasure a professionally printed version they can hold in their hands and show to relatives and other Zychliner descendants. 



We are also taking this opportunity to invite all descendants of the Jewish community of Zychlin to visit the website of the Association of Descendants of Jewish Central Poland (ADJCP): 


The ADJCP is launching other memorial initiatives related to Zychlin, including the cleanup of the town’s Jewish cemetery and the English translation of two additional books written in Polish and German by Zychliner Holocust survivors Helena Bodek and Heinrich Bielawski. To see the description of these projects and make a donation to support them, please follow this link: 



Please write to us if you have any queries about the JewishGen translation of the Zychlin Yzkor book or about the other ADJCP initiatives related to Zychlin. 


With best wishes, 


Lori Sandoval <lori.sandoval@...> 

David Goren <gorend1@...> 

Leon Zamosc <lzamosc@...> 


Coordinators of the Zychlin Yizkor Book translation 

Members of JewishGen and of the Association of Descendants of Jewish Central Poland (ADJCP) 



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