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I am searching for records of my GGG Grandparents, MORRIS(MOSES) and MATILDA LYONS. The records I already have show they were both Jewish and both born in Hamburg about 1815 (+/- 5 years). They migrated to Glasgow sometime before 1839 when their first child's birth is registered there. I have found records of their lives from that point onwards but have had no success in looking for information relating to their origins in Hamburg and their families before that. I contacted the Hamburg Jewish Genealogical Society to search Hamburg births but they found nothing.

Relevant information I have:
Morris (Moses) Lyons b. circa 1815 in Hamburg. His Hebrew name is recorded as 'Moshe ben Yechiel' which I believe means his father was called Yechiel. I have searched for a Yechiel Lyons in all online records but without success. Morris was an artificial flower maker. 
Matilda Lyons b. circa 1815 in Hamburg. I do not know her family name before marriage. Her short obituary published in the Jewish Chronicle has the phrase' American and Australian papers please copy'. It is, therefore, possible that either Matilda or Morris had family members in both countries.

There are several examples of the Lyons name in the area of what is now northern Poland and my rather feeble theory at present is that Yechiel moved form Prussia to Hamburg at some point before 1815.

Would the name Yechiel have been morphed into something else? Might the name Lyons have been Anglicised? 

Does anyone have any matches or likely parallels to these individuals? 

Many thanks
David Pelling
Staffordshire, England

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