Who was Chaye Rechel Lev Lishe? #poland #galicia #general

Alan Reische

I have identified my g/grandfather Simon Reische, who on more than one
occasion appears as 'Simon Lishe' in census or death certificates.
Consequently, I'm searching both Lishe and Reische. I've also identified
Simon's father Abraham Max or Mordechai, with no surname, and his mother
as Sarah Knee or Knie.

Family Search has linked them with the 1892 marriage of a woman named
Chaye Rechel Lev Lishe, to a man named Mayer Gurfein. The image appears
on Viewmate 95116 at

Chaye came from Rzeszow Voivodeship, which is the general area of
origination for my family. Her father is identified as Abraham Marios
Lishe, the Marios possibly being a mistranscription. A quick Ancestry
and Family Search check doesn't reveal anything further on her, and the
name is completely unknown to me.

I have two questions in logical order:

1. How does the Family Search algorithm operate? Does it suggest linkage
as a possibility or a likelihood?   If its only a possibility and not a
likelihood, I can treat this as a coincidence, since the name 'Lishe'
appears not infrequently in Dembica and surrounding areas.

2. If its based on likelihood, then do other members recognize her? Can
someone suggest an Anglicization of her given names?

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide. I'm guessing its a
coincidence but don't know enough about how Family Search operates to
feel comfortable in concluding it.

Alan Reische,

Manchester NH


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