Explanation of some very odd text written on the passenger- list I received. #hungary

Dennis Baer <dbaer@...>


After having this passenger list for about a week I found that the extra
text written between the lines looked very odd to me and looks like some
naturalization information. At first it looked like some dates associated
with microfilming by the government but not so.

The passenger list comes >from June 24, 1907 and for 3 of the 6 names of my
family I see some writing in a different script handwriting above the line
written in 1907.

Just above the information for my great uncle Abram shows the numbers

2-205012 1/19/32 Recd. 5/14/37

Just above the information for my great aunt Marian shows the numbers

2-336748 5/8/34 Recd. 3/9/39

and just above the information for my grandfather Mendel it shows the number


ok the passenger list I got >from a microfilm copy sent to me by a company I
hired to get the passenger list but the number 2-205012 just happens to
coincidently match the number of the certificate of arrival that I got
independently >from NY NARA with the declaration of intent and the petition
for naturalization. the 1/19/32 matches the date on that declaration of
intent! the 5/14/37 misses the actual date stamped on the certificate of
arrival by 4 days. The date stamped does not appear the date of arrival in
the US of June 24, 1907 but the date that the certificate got stamped and
certified by the Dept of Labor but has the date June 24, 1907 certified as
the date of arrival of the SS Livonia. Who wrote these numbers >from the
1930's about my great uncle's naturalization on a passenger list copy from
1907? Who wote the numbers for my great aunt and my grandfather and why did
my grandfather only get what appears the certificate of arrival number but
no dates after that?

Why does my grandfather Mendel have just a number 2-19831 and no dates
associated with it? Also for my grandfather note the 5 digit number after
the 2- whereas the others have 6 digits. Other than the text of these 3 just
above their original record one other unrelated person has this triplet of a
certificate number and 2 dates. no others have these triplets.


Thank you.

Dennis Baer

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