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Avi Bitron

One important note to mention regarding this special address book of 1935-1936 is, that it is a much more comprehensive document than just an address book.
It Includes not only Stanislawow (Chapter 6) but also Lviv and Tarnopol. Moreover, for those who know the names of their ancestors/relatives and their addresses, they can easily verify whether these persons actually OWNED the houses they lived in or just rented them, since for each of the 3 cities there is a special chapter of home owners' names indexed according to street names and numbers.
If you wish to find home owners in Stanislawow - it is in the document in pages 434/687 - 456/687 or pages 159 - 203 in Chapter 6 (Dzial 6) of the original printed book. The headline of this section says in Polish:
 Wykaz domów na obszarze miasta Stanisławowa. Wykaz domów obejmuje: ulice, dzielnice miasta, numer domu oraz NAZWISKO I IMIĘ WŁAŚCICIELA danej nieruchomości, 
which translates into: 
List of houses in the area of the city of Stanisławów. The list of houses includes: streets, city districts, house number, and SURNAME AND NAME OF THE OWNER of the property. 
If you have no idea where the person you are looking for lived, have a look first at the section of the citizens' list. Once you find his exact address (street name and number), go to the home ownership list section, and find the street name (it is in alphabetical order) and house number. If her/his name is there, it means that she/he owned the property. Let me assure you that some of the houses in the center of those towns, which were mostly owned by Jews, worth quite a bit of money today.
That is a very unique document, since it is practically impossible to find anywhere else in one place a comprehensive home ownership list a few years before WW2. There are many Jewish names amongst the homeowners (roughly 50 percent if not more), and it should be a good lead and partial proof for those who plan in the future to apply for reparations for confiscated private real estate during WW2 and the communist regime.
By the way, in the same document, there are similar chapters of home owners in the cities of Lviv and Tarnopol. The Lviv relevant pages are 280/687 - 328/687. As for Tarnopol - it starts on page 505/687 or 92 in the Tarnopol original chapter (chapter 7).
Also, the same document includes for each of the 3 cities mentioned a comprehensive list of lawyers (and their addresses), doctors, engineers etc. as well as a full list of phone owners according to their telephone numbers.

Avi Biton

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