The relationship between Pashtuns and Jews #general

David Harrison

I know that this in not relating to family history research, but I think that it is within the Jewish human family definition.   It was within the AJEX (Jewish Ex-Serice Persons Organisation) Newsletter which I received today..
By SSgt (Res) Dan Fox, Deputy National Chairman 

Pashtun people speak of how their forebears referred to themselves as “Bani Yisrael” - the People of Israel. It is a self-reference that fits with the proposition that the Pashtun are one of the Lost Tribes, exiled (according to the Second Book of Kings) by the Assyrians to the banks of the ancient River Gozan in what is now Afghanistan. Whatever the tangle of biblical myth and anthropological fact here, it is worth noting the following Pashtun traditions: lighting candles on Friday night, separating meat and milk, and covering graves with stones.

All this has made the historical resonance of recent scenes from Afghanistan even clearer. Families with barely a suitcase each, forced into hiding or crowding onto transport out of their country as it it taken over by violence and persecution.

AJEX has thrown itself fully behind the Jewish community’s response to the evacuation crisis. We have connected our membership and others to schemes across the country taking donations of food, clothes, toiletries, toys, books and money. The response in the UK has been magnificent and the problem now is one of logistics: storage space for everything donated and transport to get it to hotels and other locations. If you or anyone you know is able to help with this, please let us know on AJEX4Afghans@... 

I am also proud to say that AJEX has been able to exploit its contacts in the military and NGO communities to help get people out as Kabul fell to the Taliban. We have worked with other organisations to help at least five families to safety so far and we continue to support others still seeking safe passage.

The long term work for Afghan refugees begins now. As well as material support, they will need advice on jobs, finances, legal matters, training and education. Again, if you are able to help with such things, please let us know at AJEX4Afghans@...
From David Harrison, once a Corporal in the British Army

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